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We are Notium

As a SAP consultancy company, we provide consultancy and project implementation services in SAP Analytical solutions family. Our able and highly experienced team is dedicated to providing high-value services from a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

Customer success and satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we are driven by the passion to ensure that quality service is our daily routine.

Business stability is also our keyword and we ensure that we remain at the top of the game through critical analysis of the current ideas and technologies which allow us to meet current market needs and as well predict any critical changes in the technological world.

Our priority has always been providing first-class professional services and as well reinforcing business procedures for SAP products.

Digitization has allowed us to secure collaborations and partnerships with major companies in the world and this is evident by the consistent development that we are making.

We use our wide innovative skills and technological strategic capabilities to work out our customers’ problems and conquer our business challenges. Our teams’ objective is to combine all the abilities and skills to deliver the best to our customers.

On top of that, we have acquired quite a number of skills as listed below.

  • We provide best in class consultants for our projects.
  • We have completed many full-cycle implementation projects in many industries.
  • We are highly experienced in the technical and functional side of our projects.
  • With our experience, we are able to help and guide our client.
  • We have a solution-oriented mindset and therefore we are able to figure out solutions to the problems and challenges that we come through.

We have been assisting our clients for over 15 years. Trust, accountability, autonomy, honesty, concentration, dedication, and excellence are all values we share. We have a common strategy and are constantly working to improve.

Our long-term outlook is the key to our success. This is true for our clients, whom we strive to inspire repeatedly and our workers, to whom we provide a long-term professional outlook.

We have been providing SAP Enterprise Performance Management, SAP Business Intelligence, SAP Business Warehouse Modelling, and other SAP specialised products consultancy for 15 years. Our services include everything from scenario analysis to developing a digital strategy to implementation and training.

Combining skills and abilities to give our customers the best has always been at the heart of our team. This combination has allowed us to give a number of services as listed below.

  • Project Implementation
  • Support Services
  • QA Services
  • Resource Support
  • Remodelling and designing
  • Training


What does the company name "Notium" mean?

Notium (Ancient Greek Νότιον, 'southern') was a Greek city-state on the west coast of Anatolia, Turkey. Secondary meaning is a new, fresh idea that you fight for.

In 2015, two successful SAP BI consultants founded an SAP BI Company in Turkey. After a series of successes and sustainable growth, they expanded their knowledge, services and products to the UK in 2018.

In the digital era, data is the “new currency” in an enterprise. Businesses that are able to harness their data faster and more effectively will be the ones that succeed through disruption.
Notium wants to improve and contribute digital transformation journey of companies through SAP Applications and services. We know SAP customers have a vast amount of enterprise data assets flowing through SAP ERP and cloud applications and business networks every day. SAP enterprise resource planning applications touch 77% of global transaction revenue, we run the world’s largest business network with over US$3.6 trillion in commerce annually, and we have over 200 million users of our cloud applications.
SAP software and technologies can deliver deep value to our customers by providing the tools to harness the power of the data flowing through their systems. Our vision for the intelligent enterprise is an event-driven, real-time business powered by intelligent applications and platforms. In this vision, enterprise data sits at the core of a virtuous cycle whereby:
• Enterprises will combine proprietary data assets from their internal systems of record with real-time, external data feeds to train intelligent algorithms.
• Intelligent algorithms will be embedded into core business processes to enable enterprises to increase their awareness of events and respond in real-time.
• As the cycle repeats itself, enterprises will produce even richer datasets based on business outcomes that can be used to train the next generation of increasingly intelligent algorithms.
By embedding intelligence in core processes, businesses of all sizes will benefit from the automation of routine tasks and improved decision-making driven by advanced analytics.
Combining intelligent algorithms with empowered employees will allow companies to free up scarce resources to focus on what matters most – driving value for their customers. In this way, we can fulfil our promise of enabling our customers to Run Simple while helping the world run better and improving people’s lives.

Organic growth remains the primary driver of our strategy. We will continue to invest in our consulting teams and technology innovation and product development. We will also continue to acquire targeted, strategic, and “fill-in” technology and software to add to our broad solution offerings and improve coverage in key strategic markets. We will also seek strong business relations with other consulting companies to move our step further.

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