Defining the right strategy is very important for a company’s future; managing the defined strategy is also as important as that. When the strategies which will help reaching the company’s goals are not managed efficiently the awaited benefits are not provided and this process becomes a disappointment for the establishment. Due to this, for managers managing the strategy is as critical as the strategy itself. A strategy which is not managed successfully cannot reach its potential as it cannot be efficient. For a strategy to be managed successfully it should be measured, evaluated and enhanced.

With the corporate strategy management tool StrAC which is developed by IBSS, companies can monitor, evaluate and report their strategies and business processes. With the StrAC solution companies can create corporate reports, measure department performances and define improvement areas.

Measure, evaluate, enhance.

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Performance Tracking

Measure and evaluate department performance


Access and analyse detailed KPI by hierarchy view

Easy to Use

Easily follow up performance data of financials, customer relations, internal processes and education & growth

Better Business Process

Monitor, analyse and enhance business processes


Strategy Management in One Page

With StrAC which is easy to use and can summarise company strategy in one page, managers can display and compare report evaluations for different periods.

Track Performance KPIs

Managers can also see detailed KPI analysis and follow up performance data under Financials, Customer Relationship, Internal Processes and Education & Growth sections easily.

Work Together

Managers can elaborate the acquired data without extra processes with StrAC which runs on SAP Analytics Cloud. By means of SAP Analytics Cloud, StrAC can also be used for different analytic applications for making complementary analysis.

Hit the Targets

With StrAC Application detects whether your strategy is implemented efficiently or not. Collaborate with other stakeholders to proactively discuss critical issues.

Norton-Kaplan Balanced Scorecard

Ready-to-use Norton-Kaplan Balanced Scorecard Strategy Management platform on top of SAP Analytics Cloud.

Advanced Reporting

Compare business unit performance side-by-side or with other relevant benchmarks. Drill into KPIs to determine the root cause of performance problems.

Thresholds, Scores, KPIs

User defined thresholds, scores and types of KPIs. Gauge performance with easy-to-interpret scorecards.

Cloud Solution

Manage a centralised repository of KPIs and best practices and align the organisation around common goals, particularly IT and business units on SAP Analytics Cloud.

Quick Delivery

Pre-Configured model. 15 Scorecards and over 150 KPIs in 10 weeks delivery time.


Why choose Notium as an implementation partner?

Notium provides accuracy and consistency across all reporting, modelling, data integration and designing projects. We will make sure you get the most value from Notium's out-of-the-box solutions. We will assist you in every step of the project and will reach our target with success.

There are 3 reasons that you should choose Notium as your implementation partner.

  • Our project-based well-designed teams who are experienced across many industries have proven their success with successful implementation projects.
  • Our industry-focused best practice solutions will increase our implementation time and reduce implementation duration down to 8 weeks.
  • Our distinguished project management methodology will change your understanding of a traditional project management approach.

What We Offer

  • Advance strategy management processes and capabilities.
  • Norton-Kaplan Balanced Scorecard structure by handling:
    Different KPI types (achievement, reduction, zero based, absolute etc.)
    Detail/time aggregations (average, sum, last etc.)
    Weighted averages for score calculations
    Conditional formatting (colours) for scores
  • On top of that, by being located on SAC, the solution will naturally provide:
    Broad data connectivity
    Deep analytical capabilities
    Advanced collaboration facilities and continuous improvements
  • Advance delivery approach & Solution Methodology.
  • A business content, which includes Dimensions, Models and Analytical Applications on top of SAC.
  • Ability to map all kinds of data sources(which are supported by SAC) to content models.
  • Ready to use scorecard structure.
  • Advance customization ability on both model and application level tailored to requirements.

Your Benefits

  • Strategy management model and ready to use scorecard and KPI design.
  • Ability to map, modify and customise design.
  • Ability to integrate data from multiple sources.
  • Ready-to-use Norton-Kaplan Balanced Scorecard Strategy Management platform on top of SAP Analytics Cloud Applications.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud reporting capabilities.

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We pay attention to details to understand the business requirements better, to make more connections with the other models and provide future proof designs to fit the purpose.

Yes, there's more than one way to skin a cat, but there is only one way to deliver the simplest solution, and we work hard and push more to find it. This requires a bit of creativity, a bit of risk-taking and pushing the limits.

We work hard, and we come to the table ready. We do not like meetings where we discuss what to do. The meetings are meant for decisions, and those decisions are made with well-prepared options. We will be there to accelerate you.

Our consultants are trained and experienced in handling the most complex business scenarios in functional and technical aspects.


We can work together on StrAC if you wish to manage your corporate strategy with balanced scorecards in SAP Analytics Cloud within a maximum of 10 weeks of project time. Please contact us and let us start working together.

A clear vision for the project outputs and a balanced scorecard structure and its data for quicker and better delivery.

Project duration depends on the project scope. Usually, we will require a set of inputs to provide a target project implementation duration.
• How much scorecard will be created?
• How many KPIs are included?
• Usability and readiness of your KPI data?
Example: For a project with fully ready data with 25 KPIs and one scorecard, the implementation will take 4 weeks.

We track an action list that will help all of us to see the project's progress.
High-level milestones are shown below:
• Conceptual design: understanding project scope, scorecard and data
• Data collection
• Data model creation
• Master data collection and load
• KPI hierarchy creation
• Unit test for data and calculations
• Application design
• Unit test for application
• Minor Roles and authorisations
• User test
• Go-Live
Power-user training and documentation.

We take any step of the project very seriously and take lessons from previous implementations. The below points are the key to a successful delivery in a short delivery time.
• Data should be prepared in a specific format before starting the implementation.
• If there are various data sources, data format should be brought in the same structure for quicker integration. We recommend collecting data into one data warehouse first and using it as the only source for data.
• A ready scorecard structure is crucially important for a quick implementation.
• Business user's involvement into the project is another key to successful implementation.

StrAC is designed and developed on SAC. SAC is SAP's leading self-service BI tool which is known for its easy to use interfaces. So it will be a very smooth transformation for you.

No, you don't have to do anything special. StrAC will run on the SAC application, and all necessary maintenance will be handled on the cloud.

Sure. You can use MS Excel to keep master data for KPI properties and Scorecard Structure. KPI master data held in SAC is also in an Excel-like format. You can take that data from SAC to Excel and vice-versa. You can again save your excels as the first point of data collection for the transactional data and then load the data to SAC when it is ready.

As a user, you do not have to learn too much information to use StrAC. It is like using a business dashboard. As a power user, you need to understand how SAC and StrAC model works. Our experts will train you throughout the project so you will be able to handle the necessary actions on the application.

There is no specific IT team requirement for implementing StrAC if the data is ready. An implementation team of consultants and a business team with SAC knowledge will be enough.

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