Notium’s Support Service provide solutions for unexpected problems

    To keep up in the race, technological infrastructures must be updated as the rules of the game change. Notium's experienced and qualified team can provide you with the development support you require!

    Notium raises the bar on efficiency by incorporating new needs discovered during the post-project internal support process into existing services. The needs that arise after go-live are no longer challenges in this way. Notium meticulously assesses all types of demands and change requirements you may have in relation to your business goals and incorporates them into your current system after they are transformed into a form that will provide the most benefit to your company within the framework of certain methodologies. If this demand leads to a significant shift, it can be designed as a brand-new project.

    Our Services:

  • Second/Third Level Support
  • Acceptance, processing & monitoring of tickets
  • Scheduling & monitoring of process chains
  • System analysis and performance optimisation
  • Creating documentation
  • Carrying out functional and technical tests

Why choose Notium as an implementation partner?

Notium provides accuracy and consistency across all reporting, modelling, data integration and designing projects. We will make sure you get the most value from Notium's out-of-the-box solutions. We will assist you in every step of the project and will reach our target with success.

There are 3 reasons that you should choose Notium as your implementation partner.

  • Our project-based well-designed teams who are experienced across many industries have proven their success with successful implementation projects.
  • Our industry-focused best practice solutions will increase our implementation time and reduce implementation duration down to 8 weeks.
  • Our distinguished project management methodology will change your understanding of a traditional project management approach.

We pay attention to details to understand the business requirements better, to make more connections with the other models and provide future proof designs to fit the purpose.

Yes, there's more than one way to skin a cat, but there is only one way to deliver the simplest solution, and we work hard and push more to find it. This requires a bit of creativity, a bit of risk-taking and pushing the limits.

We work hard, and we come to the table ready. We do not like meetings where we discuss what to do. The meetings are meant for decisions, and those decisions are made with well-prepared options. We will be there to accelerate you.

Our consultants are trained and experienced in handling the most complex business scenarios in functional and technical aspects.


No, it is not required. The power users will be able to handle most of the maintenance works and other routine data loads and minor modifications. For any other solution improvements or error handling, our support centre will always be in contact with you.

Yes, we split our teams for targeted training. The core project team gets trained throughout the project, but we take severe training our core team as they are critical people for us. We start training before starting the project and train them to be able to think together. Further training and show and tell sessions will be set to utilise the application and delivery through the end of the project.

Project managers often report progress on a project by issuing updates or status reports. Updates can be sent periodically (e.g. every week, fortnight, or month) or as needed when significant changes occur. In a status report, you can get an overview of the project's current state and learn about essential milestones or tasks that have been completed.
We believe that in order to ensure that all project contributors are kept up-to-date, project managers should use a clear and concise reporting style that is easy to read and understand. Additionally, project managers should use practical communication tools to keep everyone in the loop, such as email, chat, or other project communication environments.

Our Application Support service is available for all SAP BI application customers both on-prem and in the cloud. We offer support across all functional domains as part of this service.

We are a 100% UK based consultancy with all of our consultants working here in the UK. We have nearshore support services as an alternative support package.

We have a seamless transition methodology to make your move to Notium as smooth as possible. Our expert consultants have a complete check-up service on your applications after they get knowledge transfer. They identify and recognise all running applications and functions in your system and provide a check-up report.
During this process, there will be assigned service owners working for you on day1 of your support contract to support you where support is needed.

Our customers can use a fully cloud-based, secure support ticketing system to place calls and track the status of their calls. This system keeps track of all phone conversations and emails. The service delivery manager is in charge of managing calls and assigning them to the appropriate consultant for completion.

As well as day to day SAP functional support, the service also includes:
SAP Notes Review
Where our consultants will review and recommend relevantly
SAP notes that you should apply on a monthly basis
SAP Consultancy Days
You will receive several consultancy days to use throughout your support agreement. These must be booked in advance and can be used for small projects, training and backfill cover.
You can also opt to include several add-ons to your support agreement
These include our GDPR heatmap and compliance review services.
Every customer is given a dedicated account and service delivery manager to liaise with throughout the contract term.

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