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    For organisations who need an experienced team player in their SAP Projects, Notium is a SAP Consultant provider with long years of experience.

    Notium’s long-standing delivery experience, network and established SAP teams enable us to provide the best candidates quickly, efficiently and at the level of quality expected. Our industry experience and SAP knowledge mean that you will be hiring suitable candidates for your project and you will be supported throughout the project and receive exactly what you need without any disappointment.

On-Demand Access to SAP Experts

Notium gives you on-demand access to the UK's best-verified SAP talent pool. Drive your SAP Contracting process.

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Our experts will accelerate delivery time, provide guidance throughout the project, reduce your workload, and take a significant role in your project team technically and functionally.

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Our entire team of consultants is SAP-certified in their respective modules, meaning they have the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to tackle even the most challenging projects.


We are getting power from our expert consultants, and we are proud to empower your teams.

We know you will have that great feeling after working with a Notium's expert consultant; getting a project done has never been easy that much before. Notium, whenever you need by your side.

We are Responsible

We know that very well your client/project is precious to you. We provide the highest level of expertise at each module, and we take our business seriously.

We are Team Player

Harmony and balance is the key to a successful project. We are there to empower your team. Our consultants have experienced many challenging moments in various projects, so they are ready to be part of your team.

We Represent You

We train our consultants periodically regarding changing business needs and industry priorities. They are well aware that they represent your company and part of your company during the delivery.

We are Accessible

Transparency is key to a successful business. We will be accessible at any time while we work and ready to understand your requirements to collaborate on changing/new situations.


Why choose Notium as an implementation partner?

Notium provides accuracy and consistency across all reporting, modelling, data integration and designing projects. We will make sure you get the most value from Notium's out-of-the-box solutions. We will assist you in every step of the project and will reach our target with success.

There are 3 reasons that you should choose Notium as your implementation partner.

  • Our project-based well-designed teams who are experienced across many industries have proven their success with successful implementation projects.
  • Our industry-focused best practice solutions will increase our implementation time and reduce implementation duration down to 8 weeks.
  • Our distinguished project management methodology will change your understanding of a traditional project management approach.

We pay attention to details to understand the business requirements better, to make more connections with the other models and provide future proof designs to fit the purpose.

Yes, there's more than one way to skin a cat, but there is only one way to deliver the simplest solution, and we work hard and push more to find it. This requires a bit of creativity, a bit of risk-taking and pushing the limits.

We work hard, and we come to the table ready. We do not like meetings where we discuss what to do. The meetings are meant for decisions, and those decisions are made with well-prepared options. We will be there to accelerate you.

Our consultants are trained and experienced in handling the most complex business scenarios in functional and technical aspects.


No, it is not required. The power users will be able to handle most of the maintenance works and other routine data loads and minor modifications. For any other solution improvements or error handling, our support centre will always be in contact with you.

Yes, we split our teams for targeted training. The core project team gets trained throughout the project, but we take severe training our core team as they are critical people for us. We start training before starting the project and train them to be able to think together. Further training and show and tell sessions will be set to utilise the application and delivery through the end of the project.

Project managers often report progress on a project by issuing updates or status reports. Updates can be sent periodically (e.g. every week, fortnight, or month) or as needed when significant changes occur. In a status report, you can get an overview of the project's current state and learn about essential milestones or tasks that have been completed.
We believe that in order to ensure that all project contributors are kept up-to-date, project managers should use a clear and concise reporting style that is easy to read and understand. Additionally, project managers should use practical communication tools to keep everyone in the loop, such as email, chat, or other project communication environments.

Within the framework of Team Up Service, Notium positions its consultants directly at your company/project. Notium consultants, part of an expert team, deliver the necessary solution by keeping in touch with this strong team when you have a problem.
The cost savings earned through outsourcing, which is a continuous service, is directly reflected in Notium’s customers. When you benefit from outsourcing services, you can experience the assurance of entrusting the IT infrastructure to reliable hands and sharing the best cost and performance in the projects.
Team up service provides on-site or remote resources from UK-based or nearshore consultants.
Please get in touch with our service manager for more details.

An average IT unit is usually not capable of meeting an organisation's business objectives because of the skill gap between current and what is required. That’s why the outsourcers are there to provide the services to their clients and help them reduce unnecessary delays that cause transactional delays in everyday business.
In SAP Outsourcing, organisations have control over the Quality of Service; they can get the consultant as per their requirement and gain leverage to reach their IT goals faster and at lower prices.

On-demand availability of resources when they are needed.
Optimization of resourcing cost
Avoiding delays because of the non-availability of critical resources
Improvement in the process methodology
Better control over the composition of the SAP team.

SAP Outsourcers are continually looking for methods to improve their clients' business processes. They use their extensive experience and domain knowledge to help their clients get the most out of their SAP environment. The first stage is to conduct a thorough audit and analysis of a client's SAP business processes and workflow. The outsourcer effectively manages IT by controlling company expenditure and the development budget. They obtain a grasp of their client's correct spending report and attempt to lessen it to assist them in achieving optimum Return on Investment (ROI).
SAP outsourcing lowers total operating costs by limiting the number of man-days needed to execute a SAP activity. It signifies that resources are being used to their full potential, and there won't be any employees who aren't doing any actual work for the company.
SAP Vendors with extensive experience provide access to specialised and educated individuals who are experts in their fields and have extensive market expertise. Their functional and technological expertise aids enterprises in resolving the most challenging issues. As the SAP outsourcing industry becomes more competitive, outsourcers provide training to their consultants to keep up with the fast-paced competition. In other words, clients get on-demand consultants who are SAP domain experts in their modules. Overall, SAP Outsourcing may be the best option for your company's ERP and IT processes.

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