We are proud to be part of the future of retail analytics

    As Notium, we know very well that the retail industry is unique, with its own set of dynamics and rules.

    In comparison to other industries, it takes a different approach to using data, reporting its KPIs, budgeting financial performance, and forecasting trends.

    Its pace is fast, customers are demanded, and competition is challenging.

    We're aware of all of these, and we're working hard to help you advance in every way.

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Retail-focused analytics team

    Our focused SAP Analytics Retail team is available to assist you in navigating this ever-changing landscape. In the retail industry, there are a lot of unique difficulties that make it different from other businesses. We have been through most of the difficult situations and are ready for many more of them.

    We have created a cooperation network and business ties with solution providers and industry consultants who have had substantial success in everything from data management and reporting to budgeting and forecasting. We can help you every step of the way. Allow us to assist you in taking your company to the next level!

Critical processes and solutions

    Today, we work with industry leaders in critical processes such as merchandise planning, demand prediction, budget and forecasting.

    We empower retailers from producing and storing data to consuming it in the highest and most efficient way. We get our power from our industry expertise and the applications that we use in transformation projects.

    On this path, we have successfully implemented some of the solutions/applications listed below.


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Customer Activity Repository

SAP CAR, the analytic layer of retail, serves the data needed for all channels and analytics products. POS-DM (POS Data Manager) product on which POS data is kept, handled and transferred to ERP by working in an integrated manner with POS systems; It has functions such as UDF - Unified Demand Forecast, which is a demand forecasting engine, and reporting and on-Shelf-Availability that works over retail data. OPP, which is under CAR, manages the campaign definition for all channels. It distributes prices and campaigns to the relevant channels.

We locate SAP CAR and its libraries centre of our design to find answers to our problems. SAP CAR and its data are feeding our reports and tables. We use SAP CAR to forecast our next year's channel revenue or SKU margin.

Key Benefits

  • SAP CAR is a demand forecasting engine that works over retail data and helps retailers forecast sales, manage inventory and improve the efficiency of their operations

  • All types of retailers can use it to understand customer behaviour better, optimise product assortment and reduce costs

  • SAP CAR is a demand forecasting engine that works over retail data and helps retailers forecast sales, manage inventory and improve the efficiency of their operations

What We Offer

  • Predict future demand and optimise replenishment accordingly.

  • Generate reports and insights to help you make informed decisions.

  • Optimise shelf availability by automating inventory management.

  • Automate your business processes with SAP CAR.

  • See what's ahead for demand with SAP CAR.

  • Stay ahead of inventory with SAP CAR.

  • Make the most of your supply chain with SAP CAR.

SAP Merchandise Planning and Assortment Planning

SAP Merchandise Planning and SAP Assortment Planning, SAP's pre-season planning products, are integrated with SAP CAR. Merchandise Planning takes the planning down to the material group level. Assortment Planning carries out the planning up to the Assortment level.

Key Benefits

  • Merchandise Planning is a pre-season planning tool that enables you to define the merchandise mix for your company, including the assortment and its price, in advance of the sales season

  • SAP Assortment Planning allows you to determine which products are likely to be most prevalent during different periods by choosing which items have been selling well over previous periods

  • Assortment Planning is a dynamic inventory management solution that enables you to manage your product assortment in real-time

What We Offer

  • Planning down to the material group level

  • Planning down to the assortment level

  • Manage your product range effectively

  • Reduce the cost of planning, maintain inventory levels in check, improve sales forecasts and achieve financial targets

  • Enhance your profit margins by managing supply chain costs effectively

SAP Allocation Management

A planning product for the season supports Allocation and Replenishment scenarios with analytical-based tools and performs constraint management in more detail. It is essential for stores to make seasonal planning very well to achieve seasonal sales targets. At the same time, the stores' sales performance should be taken into account while planning the distribution of new products to the stores. Here, SAP Allocation Management can generate a new planning scenario for each store.

Key Benefits

  • Supports the planning of allocation and replenishment scenarios with analytical-based tools

  • The planner is based on a relational database, which allows for detailed analysis of constraints

  • It supports the modelling of seasonal business processes and deals with periods as well as specific dates or events (e.g., sales promotions) that are not always aligned to calendar months(create your own calendar)

  • The planner can be used in conjunction with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Solution

  • Increase sales and profit: Optimize the use of available inventory to achieve a balanced product portfolio with more profitable products

  • Save money on logistics costs: Reduce unnecessary transportation costs by using only necessary items for each season

  • Make better decisions in real-time: Analyse data from various sources and take timely action based on your business requirements

What We Offer

  • Predict future demand and optimise replenishment accordingly.

  • Optimise shelf availability by automating inventory management.

  • Generate reports and insights to help you make informed decisions.

  • Automate your business processes with SAP CAR.

  • See what's ahead for demand with SAP CAR.

  • Stay ahead of inventory with SAP CAR.

  • Make the most of your supply chain with SAP CAR.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation

The SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) application delivers planning, budgeting, forecasting, and financial consolidation capabilities, so you can easily adjust plans and forecasts, speed up budget and closing cycles, and ensure compliance with financial reporting standards.

Key Benefits

  • Enables employees to enhance customer relationship management. This is because they can easily handle customer data from ledgers and data warehouses.

  • Makes data more accessible. This allows for better decision making.

  • Can handle lengthy calculations and save time for you.

  • Facilitates integration between teams, departments, and different source systems.

  • Shortens the forecasting cycles and reporting processes. This enables companies to react faster to changing business requirements.

  • It uses a shared reporting tool that can be accessed by multiple employees in real-time. This speeds up the reporting processes.

  • Provides workflow and reduces friction during the data collection phase.

  • Automated reporting reduces human errors and the time to resolve them

  • Users can work on this platform without the assistance of IT specialists

  • Allows companies to save reports offline. These reports can be viewed only through authorized access.

What We Offer

Sales Planning

  • Bottom-up meterial group planning

  • Top to bottom channel sales planning

Expense Planning

  • Payrol planning

  • Store expense planning

  • Product-related expense planning

  • Store opening & closing planning

Store Planning

  • Store opening what-if planning

  • Store renovation planning

Financial Statement

  • Profit & loss statement

  • Channel/Store profit & loss statement

  • Chashflow statement

  • Balance sheet statement

SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a platform for SAP’s Business Intelligence (BI) applications. SAP Analytics Cloud was developed to combine all analysis functions like ad-hoc analysis, self-service BI, dashboarding, and planning within one product for all users.

It is an intuitive self-service analytics application that can help you explore data across the organisation and deliver insights at the point of decision.

By creating and linking financial and operational plans smoothly within one solution, users can build integrated plans that drive better business outcomes.

Key Benefits

  • Setting key performance metrics, dimensions, and hierarchies; and automating data modelling and preparation.

  • Wrangling to gain deeper insights.

  • By slicing and dicing data, you can discover insights and inspire audiences with interactive visualisations and data stories, regardless of the volume size.

  • With augmented analytics, you go the last mile of data-driven decision-making with machine-generated analytics and insights.

  • What-if simulation, simulate any scenario and visualise the impact of decisions for better business outcomes.

What We Offer

  • Modern and modular design.

  • Design-driven methodology, highly intuitive and usable solutions.

  • Multiple-device supportive, flexible, and highly visual analytics.

  • Utilize an analytics platform that is robust and highly optimized.

  • Governance and control.

  • Single source/version of the truth and organisational performance.

  • Rapid innovation cycle, immediately exploit new features.

  • Superior perception via predictive analytics and machine learning.

  • An affordable total cost of ownership.

  • Agile development and implementation.

SAP Business Objects

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence is a centralised suite for data reporting, visualisation, and sharing. As the on-premise BI layer for SAP’s Business Technology Platform, it transforms data into useful insights, available anytime, anywhere.

Share insights and make better decisions with the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) suite. By providing a flexible architecture, our analytics platform can support your growth – from a few users to tens of thousands of users, and from a single tool to multiple tools and interfaces.

Key Benefits

  • On-premise deployment.

  • Real-time business intelligence.

  • Increased user autonomy.

  • Simplified, personalised, and dynamic information consumption.

  • Personalized, self-service reporting and analysis.

  • Offline and mobile capabilities for any time, anywhere access.

  • Hybrid capabilities that combine on-premise BI with cloud-based innovations.

  • One launchpad for BI tools, reports, notifications, and applications.

  • Simplified administration and BI management.

What We Offer

  • Having an application where you can merge data and get deep insight from multiple data sources.

  • Empowering users with personalized, self-service, and anytime insight.

  • You will simplify BI management and administration governance.

  • You will make work easier for business users.

  • Bring real-time BI and exceptional usability to users across your enterprise.

  • Make the most of current BI investments as well as new technology innovations.


Why choose Notium as an implementation partner?

Notium provides accuracy and consistency across all reporting, modelling, data integration and designing projects. We will make sure you get the most value from Notium's out-of-the-box solutions. We will assist you in every step of the project and will reach our target with success.

There are 3 reasons that you should choose Notium as your implementation partner.

  • Our project-based well-designed teams who are experienced across many industries have proven their success with successful implementation projects.
  • Our industry-focused best practice solutions will increase our implementation time and reduce implementation duration down to 8 weeks.
  • Our distinguished project management methodology will change your understanding of a traditional project management approach.

We pay attention to details to understand the business requirements better, to make more connections with the other models and provide future proof designs to fit the purpose.

Yes, there's more than one way to skin a cat, but there is only one way to deliver the simplest solution, and we work hard and push more to find it. This requires a bit of creativity, a bit of risk-taking and pushing the limits.

We work hard, and we come to the table ready. We do not like meetings where we discuss what to do. The meetings are meant for decisions, and those decisions are made with well-prepared options. We will be there to accelerate you.

Our consultants are trained and experienced in handling the most complex business scenarios in functional and technical aspects.


Thank you for your question! We are happy to help. To get started, please provide us with some information about your requirements; you can contact us through our contact form (link) or by setting up a quick meeting(link) with one of our customer engagement consultants, or give us a call directly. From there, we can get to know your requirements better and develop a comprehensive road plan that will help us during our journey. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Preparation is required for every project in many aspects, and it depends on the type and length of the project itself. Our experts will contact you for the preparation steps and necessary actions beforehand. Meanwhile, you only focus on the goals and success criteria of the project.

It is pretty challenging to define a successful project. Assessment can be done in many aspects. From Notium's point of view, successful projects are those that meet business requirements and are delivered and maintained on schedule. Meanwhile, they are delivered and kept within budget and delivered in the expected business value and return on investment.

No, it is not required. The power users will be able to handle most of the maintenance works and other routine data loads and minor modifications. For any other solution improvements or error handling, our support centre will always be in contact with you.

Yes, we split our teams for targeted training. The core project team gets trained throughout the project, but we take severe training our core team as they are critical people for us. We start training before starting the project and train them to be able to think together. Further training and show and tell sessions will be set to utilise the application and delivery through the end of the project.

Project managers often report progress on a project by issuing updates or status reports. Updates can be sent periodically (e.g. every week, fortnight, or month) or as needed when significant changes occur. In a status report, you can get an overview of the project's current state and learn about essential milestones or tasks that have been completed. We believe that in order to ensure that all project contributors are kept up-to-date, project managers should use a clear and concise reporting style that is easy to read and understand. Additionally, project managers should use practical communication tools to keep everyone in the loop, such as email, chat, or other project communication environments.

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