Real-Time Insights with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Become a data-driven company with the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution that combines data warehousing, data integration, and analytics capabilities.

Data is the new oil, and this is not a secret anymore. Most companies have already started to extract the essential insights from it by forming a large-scale data warehouse combining data from many different data sources.

Firstly a data warehouse performs the necessary operations to make the analysis easy, fast and accurate and provides significant benefits to the institutions or organizations that make sense of the consolidated data.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a modern, unified data and analytics solution that enables you to transform, model, visualize and gain real-time insights from your data. Based on the in-memory power of SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud combines SAP and non-SAP data to deliver real-time insights. In this way, it provides an enterprise-ready data warehouse with end-to-end functionality.

SAP Datawarehouse Cloud, located within the SAP Public Cloud, is a cloud-based data warehousing solution. Companies can position this solution as a stand-alone solution or in a hybrid structure with other SAP’s established data warehouse solutions. This solution is not considered a replacement for SAP BW/4HANA and SAP HANA for SQL Data solutions in SAP’s data warehouse portfolio. If we need to summarise SAP Data warehouse Cloud under four main headings;

  • End-to-End Analytics Experience

    SAP Datawarehouse Cloud enables integrating data from any source and performing robust analysis. Master data management, business intelligence, planning and augmented analytics enable faster insights into data
    from a single centre.

    • Pre-integration with SAP Intelligent Enterprise Suite

    • Consolidated view of data from related data sources

    • Ability to work with different data types with analytical engines designed to analyze complex and unconventional datasets

    • Business model templates and business content, modelling and analytics story design

    • Real-time advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities

  • Self-Service User Experience

    SAP Datawarehouse Cloud is designed for enterprise IT and business users to manage data and derive valuable insights. It combines information from different data sources dedicated to a specific business area or
    usage scenario. User-friendly interfaces support the management of the data.

    • Central data warehouse

    • Secure reporting with role-based authorization

    • Organized and singular modelling environments

    • Graphics and SQL view modelling capabilities

    • Ease of connection with Business Intelligence tools

    • Superior user experience for both business and IT users

  • Performance

    Use the power of SAP HANA to access the data when you need it instantly. SAP HANA’s in-memory technology reduces transaction time from hours to seconds. Multiple storage options and ready-to-use connectors
    provide flexible and custom performance.

    • Rapid decision-making powered by SAP HANA in the cloud

    • In-memory processing for the highest performance demands

    • Columnar storage to compress data

    • Ability to be a centralized system for all data processing, from OLAP to geographic distribution reporting and machine learning

  • Flexibility

    SAP Datawarehouse Cloud enables customers to pay as they go and to reallocate resources quickly and easily across different use cases. This way provides a high-level data management experience with all the
    advantages of cloud and hybrid environments.

    • Flexible pricing model based on consumption of storage and computing resources

    • Intelligent data access and intelligent allocation of storage and computing resources through virtualization or replication

    • Ability to easily share resources between departments and business units

    • Integration support for hybrid data environments

    • Payload monitoring and traceability capabilities

As a summary with comprehensive data management capabilities, including data transformation, virtualization, integration, cataloguing, modelling and master data management, SAP Datawarehouse Cloud is an open, flexible and scalable solution with robust security and data governance functions. Moreover, SAP Datawarehouse Cloud makes data analytics intuitive for business users. In this way, it enables companies to manage business processes without IT resources. It accelerates companies in data analysis with ready-made content.

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